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NOA PErsan

1978, Villabona (Gipuzkoa)

Artist innate vocation, learns the rudiments of drawing from direct analysis of the natural making his first notes from an early age. Although born in the Basque Country, he moved at the age of eight years Ancares, where he remained for four years before settling in the town of Lugo. The beautiful and isolated landscapes of the Lugo mountains cause a great impact on the precocious artist, leading her to make his first sketches of animals. Also wake up inside a deep fascination with nature will lead him in his youth to pursue studies of Forestry. His ability to capture great detail the human face earned him his first commission, genre that has shown a highly successful personal development. He has made numerous solo and group exhibitions in various public institutions and private galleries. His work has been selected and awarded on numerous occasions, V include the Basque Painting Contest, Gallo contest in which he won first prize and the Galician Art Contest XXIII "Jose Dominguez Guizán", and their participation in gender projects at regional and national level, being selected in Galicia and Leon to participate in the National Festival "Eyes of Women" and roaming his work in Galicia, Leon and Murcia in the "Who turns the tables?"


The female figure is one of the constants in the work of this young author. The woman carries many of his canvases and is revealed as an object of their fears and passions. Also the taste for Oriental has become a peculiarity of much of his career, largely inspired, by another of his great passions: karate practice. He combines his creative work with teaching, giving classes of painting in his studio Lugo. The fledgling career of Noa Persán remains in constant evolution, fueled by an enormous curiosity and multiple concerns, who they augur a promising future on and off the Galician cultural scene.


Gema Balado Pumariño: Historian and Art Criticism in "Art and More"

Noa Persan


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